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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: May 12, 2013 11:52am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: counterculture message from an old taper

dear, patrons, archivists, collectors, curators, live music fans, and older Tapers...

For a long time, The Archive has been openly and actively encouraging people like me and you to become Administrators and make our own New Collections here. See the page.

I continue to be available to help bring new media content, new projects, and New Collections to fruition on The Archive. Developing and spearheading breakthroughs is my specialty. Counterculture is my life's experience. My Taper's Handbook (built for The Archive) epitomizes these concepts.

Funding aside, we still require some assistance from others who are enthusiastic about helping out. What projects do you have that I could be working on? Below is a short list of New Stuff you and I could be working on if we had a small budget or some funding or some help.

Vassar Clements boxed set - Live Music Archive permissions
-- we need your help with a couple of phone calls or emails contacting Vassar's daughter

Telluride Bluegrass Festival 1985 - lost video tapes investigation
-- we need your help with a couple of phone calls or emails contacting The Producer

are there any photos of GD on July 31 and Aug 1, 1973?

are there any more photos for June 9 and June 10, 1973?
-- how about me getting 24/96 SBD copies of June 9 and June 10 - so I could make new matrices for both shows using Matt Smith's 24/96 transfers of my AUDs? It would take me one week each for synching the shows; one week each for file rendering the shows, and manipulating the files for circulation; about one man-month total of work for me to Matrix both shows and circulate them as they should be. Note that the two existing matrices of these shows are old ones.

making a New Collection -- how about a Taper's Compendium project?

-- note: recently, several "new" old tapers have surfaced here - with their tapes.


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